Regulated professions

Taxi driver

To be able to apply for the taxi driver card, you must hold the taxi driver diploma. Kiwa issues this driver card. You must pass the theory and practical exams for the taxi driver diploma. This diploma is subject to a number of exemptions. One of them is an exemption for the taxi theory exam when you hold the basic certificate of professional competence for passenger transport for code 95 (VVVD), obtained after 10 September 2008.

Procedure for applications for accreditation

Do you hold a basic certificate of professional competence for passenger transport but obtained it in a country other than the Netherlands? In that case, you can exchange this certificate (professional competence document) at the RDW.

Subsequently, you can send an e-mail to with a copy of the VVVD. The CBR processes this. You only need to take the practical taxi exam.


For more information about exchanging your basic certificate, please contact the RDW.

The costs for the practical taxi exam are € 242,80

Documents to be included

If you wish to exchange your basic certificate, you must submit an application form via the RDW.

You include:

  • Your original professional competence document.
  • An original statement from your foreign employer.

You must also enclose your original professional competence document and an original declaration from your foreign employer.

Time to complete

It takes no more than ten working days to exchange your basic certificate. The practical taxi exam takes 85 minutes and consists of three driving assignments. After the exam you will immediately receive the results.

Objection and appeal

If you have a question, suggestion or complaint, you can report it to us in three different ways:

  • By telephone on telephone number +31 (0) 88 227 77 00.
  • In writing via CBR, Legal Affairs Department, PO Box 5301, 2280 HH Rijswijk ZH, The Netherlands.
  • On

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