Terms and conditions for authorising a driving instructor

  1. By agreeing to these terms & conditions and sending the
    authorisation to the CBR, the candidate authorises the designated
    driving instructor to book a test or exam in their name. The terms &
    conditions stipulated by the CBR apply to the booking, as these have
    been agreed between the driving instructor and the CBR. The terms &
    conditions for the examination are applicable, as stipulated by the CBR.
    The driving instructor is aware of the terms & conditions for the
    examination, and these are available to read on
    This authorization remains valid for a period of 12 months. This authorisation is automatically withdrawn if:

    • The authorisation is more than 12 months old and there is no request for an exam or test;
    • The authorized driving school has been unsubscribed at the CBR.
  2. The candidate is able to change or withdraw the authorisation
    given to a driving instructor up until the instructor has booked a test
    or exam in their name. Changes or withdrawals of this nature are valid
    from the moment the information is received by the CBR. The
    authorisation expires as soon as the candidate has passed the exam.

  3. The address and contact information supplied by the candidate
    is automatically passed on to the driving instructor who has been
    authorised by the candidate.

  4. The driving school may use the address and contact information
    of the candidate solely for the purpose of booking an exam or test. If
    the driving instructor wishes to use any information supplied by the
    candidate for any other purpose, the instructor must first obtain the
    candidate’s express permission to do so.

  5. The CBR will supply the house and e-mail addresses of the
    candidate to the driving instructor just once. After this, the CBR will
    use the e-mail address supplied exclusively to correspond with the
    candidate. The candidate can edit their e-mail address on mijn.cbr.nl.
    Any further communication between the candidate and the driving
    instructor is the candidate's own responsibility. The same applies to
    making sure that the driving instructor is using the correct e-mail and
    address details.

  6. The CBR takes the greatest possible care in storing and
    handling the candidate’s personal details. The CBR will use the
    candidate’s personal data exclusively to book exams, complete relevant
    legal tasks and also to provide information related to its services.
    Personal details are not stored longer than necessary for the duration
    of the CBR’s services.

  7. The CBR does not take responsibility for any costs incurred as a
    result of incorrect, incomplete or late authorisation of a driving
    instructor, or change in authorisation of a driving instructor.

February 4, 2019