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Logging in to Mijn CBR

You’re using use a browser that may not work correctly with the CBR website. Preferably use the latest version of your browser.

On Mijn CBR you can take care of all your arrangements with CBR quickly and easily. You must first log in with your own DigiD. Never use someone else's DigiD, not even that of your parents, children, brother or sister.

Note! For everything regarding your Health certificate you can only log in through DigiD with SMS or App. Please, keep your mobile phone at hand.

Naar DigiD Inlog formulier

Naar DigiD Inlog formulier

If you don´t have DigiD yet?
Request your DigiD at digid.nl.
Are you unable to request a DigiD? Then authorize your driving school by using this form (to schedule a practical driving test or test for a class (B) passenger vehicle). You can request a theory exam application form via customer services.